Marina Life Photography takes great pride in delivering a creative, unique and personalized portrait.  To achieve this goal, we require a Pre-Session consultation.  This can be done by phone or in person.


In this consultation we discuss many things that relate to your personal session, such as:

·      Style and design of your home, nursery, office or area where portrait will be displayed.  This covers colors and textures we will use and work with.

·      Which location that will be best.  One of our two studios or an outdoor location. There are many options, such as, the beach, park, urban spaces or your own home.

·      Style of clothes and colors that will enhance your portrait along with items that might reflect personalities or interests.


At the time of the booking, payment for the session is due.  We set aside the time and have made many plans to execute your session.  This also means we give up the opportunity to serve anyone else at that time.  The session fee does not include any images.  The session fee covers the session and the edit, processing and creative preparation of images.  We accept Visa, MC, and AM EX.


You can expect two to three weeks after your session to have your images edited, designed and prepared for viewing.  We provide a private viewing / ordering session where we help you to plan the best display for your images.  This is a relaxing, no pressure session that gives you an opportunity to see all that we provide to enhance your images.



Marina Life Photography believes this is the most precious time in life.   It is such a blessing to be able to photograph every newborn. We take great care and preparation for this portrait session.  If mommy and daddy are not available to assist, we will have a qualified assistant to provide safety.  We also care for the new mom and try to consider the needs of her and her new baby.  We can’t wait to meet your new little angel.


Here are a few things to consider for your New Life session:


·      Contact our studio at least a month in advance to book a session date.  We are flexible with this date due to early or late arrivals.

 ·      The first two weeks are best, 6 to 10 days are optimal because baby is still sleepy and without routine and still curls up like it did in the womb.

·      Plan for about 2 hours for the session.  We plan for feedings, diaper changes and breaks for mommy and baby.

 ·      You don’t need to plan outfits, but may bring a special item if desired.  Best images are a bare baby wrapped or cuddled in soft fabrics.  We provide lots and lots of wraps, blankets and extras in many colors.  We have many props and backgrounds for posing

 ·      Prepare to have a rested baby that is ready to feed upon arrival of the session.  We will place baby in desire attire and them mommy can provide a feeding to put baby asleep.

 ·      If you, daddy or both desire to be photographed with the baby we can do skin to skin or bring a long sleeve neutral color shirt.  If possible, have make-up and hair ready but keep it simple.

 ·      If siblings will be included, consider having dad, grandparent or friend take them for a short while as we complete New Life session.  They can participate at the beginning or end of the session.




The next two stages of baby growth is sitting up and having first foods.  Marina Life Photography really enjoys exploring this exciting time.  These stages usually occur between 5 and 8 months.  This is when they are very curious and expressive.  It is wonderful to end this session with a first foods experience.  This goes quick and provides for delightful and memorable expressions.


Here are a couple of things to think of:


·      Make sure baby is rested and fed and schedule appointment after nap and feeding.

·      Feel free to bring outfits and one that you don’t mind getting messy.

·      Decide on a color and type of baby food so we can coordinate outfit or background.

·      We provide many appropriate props but are limited on outfits for this stage.

·      This session goes rather quickly.  Babies at this stage are good for maybe 40 minutes.  We work quickly and safely to make this a successful session.


The next stage is standing or walking.  There is a bigger window of time for this stage.  This can happen anytime between 9 months to 17 months.  Babies have their own time for this great accomplishment. It is wonderful to capture it.  This can come at the same as the milestone of their FIRST BIRTHDAY.  Marina Life Photography will make a special cake and provide the exciting CAKE SMASH after their “One Year” session.   This is always a blast with everyone involved.  It is also a milestone for Mommy & Daddy.



Marina Life Photography believes in the importance of capturing families through their many stages of life.  Time goes by so fast.  If we don’t set out to stop time for just a moment, before we know it, the moment has past.  We know not everyone can make this an annual event but we hope you try and let us capture the changes and growth your family makes.  We also provide photography for family reunions and celebrations of all kinds.



Wow! The High School Senior.  What can we say.  As parents, you have poured love, money and time into this young adult.  They are now at the cross roads of life.  From child to adult, from dependent to independent.  Now, this bright individual will be heading out from your home to pursue their dreams.  Before that happens, let us give them the star treatment.  Allow us to capture that talented and dynamic individual in fun and creative way.  We take their style and interests and provide a unique portrait for you to cherish.  They can choose a studio session or pick a location that best represents their interests.  Marina Life Photography makes every effort to provide a safe and comfortable experience for each Senior.



Marina of Marina Life Photography has had a lot of experience with animals.  She has had cats, dogs and horses in her life from an early age.  She knows how to provide respect and care for the animals she is privileged to photograph.  Marina has a great connection to animals and has a few tricks up her sleeve to achieve great expressions and general cooperation. 



Marina, of Marina Life Photography, is an experienced wedding photographer with over 20 years of experience. This is one of the most important days in ones life and it is unique as each individual.  Please, contact Marina at Marina Life Photography to discuss your special plans.



Marina of Marina Life Photography is available for travel and for commissioned work. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your assignment. 

A session fee is a contract of service and is a retainer to do so on a particular date and time and is nonrefundable.  Marina Life Photography makes every effort to work with our clients and will do all we can to reschedule your Portrait Session in an emergency.

All of our prices are subject to change.  We honor the prices given at the time of your session for 90 days.